Security Evaluation Services

Security Evaluation Services is the whole set of services that tests the systems of organizations using the methods used by attackers and determines security vulnerabilities.

Incident Management

Incident Management Services is a service which provides investigation of security incidents that may occur in organizations and the analysis of the stages of the occurrence and the main cause of the event.

Penetration Test

It is a service that includes the detection of organizations’ internet accessible systems and the screening of these systems based on selected criticality levels, analysis and verification of weaknesses.

Local Network Penetration Test

It is a service that collects information about the components included in the scope of systems of the institutions and organizations located in its local networks, analyzes weaknesses and confirms weaknesses.

DDoS Test

It is a service to test the measures taken by organizations for the Distributed Service Blocking Attackers against the effectiveness and real life scenarios.

Wireless Network Penetration Test

It is a Service that Determination of wireless networks connected to the organization network, evaluation of access controls, password break tests.

Social Engineering Test

KIt is a service that involves phishing attack to the emails of selected people to assess their readiness for social engineering attacks.

Application Penetration Test

It is a service that involves security test: first with an unauthorized user and then an authorized user.

Application Load Test

It is a test service to measure the capacities of the applications the organizations use.

Mobile Application Security Test

It is a service that provide mobile security test for the organizations.