CSIRT Services

Cybersecurity-related attacks have become more numerous and diverse, additionally they became more damaging and disruptive. New types of security-related incidents emerge frequently. Preventive activities based on the results of risk assessments can increase the Readiness, but not all incidents can be prevented. Therefore incident response can’t be avoided. B&B offers a variety of CSIRT services to its customers through its professional and experienced staff. B&B's CSIRT Services include not only the Incident Response Service but also many other services that enhance the Readiness of its customers.


B&B's CSIRT Services that relate to Readiness can be grouped into two categories; Proactive Services and Security Quality Management Services.
Proactive services provide assistance and information to help prepare, protect, and secure systems. Proactive services will directly reduce the number of incidents in the future.
Security quality management services augment existing and well-established services that are
independent of incident handling and are performed by other departments such as the IT, audit, or training departments. These services are generally proactive but contribute indirectly to reducing thenumber of incidents.

B&B's Proactive CSIRT Services:

  • İntrusion Alerts
  • Vulnerability Warnings
  • Security Advisories
    Technology Watch
    Penetration Tests
    Configuration and Maintenance of Security Tools, Applications, and Infrastructures
    Development of Security Tools by R&D Department
  • ASMA (Asset Manager)
  • DDOS Automation Tool
  • SIPER (Cyber Threat Sharing Platform)
    7x24 Central Monitoring (SOC) Services
  • Level-1 Security Analyst
  • Level-2 Security Analyst
    Security-Related Information Dissemination
    Cyber Threat İnformation Gathering and Sharing
    Managed Security Services
    Onsite Security Services Support

B&B's Security Quality Management Services:

    Risk Analysis
    Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
    Compliance Audits or Assessments,
    SOC Analysis
    Security Architecture Analysis
    Effective Security Controls Analysis
    Security Consulting
    Awareness Building
    Education/Training by B&B Academy
  • Hacker School
  • Role Based Courses
  • Job Based Courses
  • CSIRT Personnel Training


The amount of weaknesses that cannot be detected due to the increasing complexity of modern systems is increasing day by day. Correct and timely İncident Response is very important when exposed to a security incident in some way.

During the cyber incident; response with incompetent people or late response, always causes bigger problems. In such a case;

  • The data may be lost,
  • The evidence may be lost,
  • Backups may become unusable,
  • The data leak can reach large sizes,
  • An attacker can clean his tracks,
  • The service can take a very long time to return.
The technical team to serve in incident response process; should be made up of personnel with special skills such as; malware analysis, forensic knowledge, log investigation, security products expert, deep knowledge on operating systems, databases and networking. An incident response team personnel with all of these competencies is rarely available within the organization. Therefore with its large number of highly experienced and trained staff B&B offers professional and timely Incident Response Services to its customers.

B&B's Reactive Services:

Response part of CSIRT services are triggered by an event or request, such as a report of a compromised host, widespread malicious code or defaced web site. After the detection of an incident, B&B's incident respond team starts acting properly and timely manner.

The B&B' Incident Response team shaped according to the type and scope of the event includes the following personnel;
  • Barricade Academy and SANS trained team leader,
  • SIEM and Security products specialists,
  • Vendor independent Cyber security consultants,
  • Penetration testers, with the intention of supporting the hacker point of view,
B&B's Incident Response Team follows the B&B's Incident Response Methodology based on the following well known incident response steps. In addition to general methodology document detailed predefined playbooks for common attack vectors are also used.

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