Reserach & Development

B&B R&D team researches for international security standards, theories, services, ideas and products. The team improves the feasibility of these components and their security-enhancing services, products and methodologies.
The team’s another responsibility is to find solutions to security related problems and questions and also to design methods that are planned, systematic and scientific based to provide improved security.
Effective Security Controls, Creating Cyber Security Workforce, designing and building Cyber Security Operations Centers are important methodologies developed by B&B R&D.
In addition, B&B R&D has a software development team whom developed ASMA and SİPER security solutions.
ASMA automatically discovers and detects the assets with IP Addresses in the network, builds asset inventory and reports the anomaly situations to the security managers. SİPER is a cyber threat intelligence production and sharing platform which can also send commands to other security products for automated response.