About Us

B&B Security Alliance has been established in 2019 and only deals with cyber security.  B&B Security Alliance provides cyber security solutions to customers wanting to be resilient against new and existing threats. We offer professional services, advisory and through our vendor network we will help you select a suite of best in class products that enhances your reputation and company value.

Our technical staff provides many services and consultancies needed to create a solid security posture for any modern organization.

B&B Security Alliance is a joint venture company of BestComp Group and Barikat Cyber Security.

Our services include, penetration testing, application security audits, information systems security audits, data loss prevention, network security. We are able to support you with your governance risk and compliance requirements and are able to build and manage Secure Operations Centers and SIEMs for companies wanting continuous surveillance.

Our R&D department researches technologies and methodologies needed to increase cyber security level and develops products, services and methodologies needed in a modern organization to increase it as well.

You can benefit from our experience, professionalism and reliability in the auditing, consultation, architecture and integration of leading network and security solutions. We deliver state-of-the-art cloud, managed and SOC services 7x24 from our ISO 27001-certified Cyber Security Monitoring Center.